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Virtual Operations Officer

Virtual Operations Officer – Shift into high gear with monthly onsite leadership as we oversee implementation of your strategies and structures.

VOO Packages

Focusing on organizational details so you don’t have to.

Helping your business or organization accomplish its mission

Does your business need guidance increasing effectiveness, improving staff engagement, clarifying priorities, and operating with excellence?

Are you frustrated with people and processes, wishing you had someone you trusted to oversee operational development of your business?


  • Spending more time with  administration than people?
  • Things not getting done?
  • Getting leads connected?
  • Last minute Planning?
  • Holding staff accountable?
  • Solving the same problems over and over again?
  • Communicating and keeping up?

Think of a Virtual COO as someone who can help your business or organization become organizationally healthy while you focus on health. A partner who will help drive your business the direction you long to see it go. Sometimes we just need help.  A Virtual COO is like outsourcing help you need but do not have.


You want to focus on your passions and people. But running the daily operations of your business can place demands that frustrate you. I will evaluate and improve your systems and help your staff implement them. They get the benefit of my years of experience and fast track changes you need to be healthier as a business and less stressed as a leader.


Leading a business today demands dealing with the unexpected on a daily basis.  When you are understaffed, it makes it hard to properly plan for the future. Then it is difficult to enjoy success because it constantly feels like things are getting done at the last minute.  I will help train your staff and introduce them to tools they can use for more effective and enjoyable experiences.


  • I will work personally with you and your staff
  • I will be deeply engaged with your business working toward measurable results
  • You get the experience of a high caliber veteran leader without the  expense of a big salary and benefits
  • I bring a rare balance of  common sense and organizational leadership
  • I am highly relational
  • You get all this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time COO


  • Program and Project Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • System Implementation
  • Financial Management
  • Staff Management
  • Hiring Strategies
  • Marketing and Customer Communications
For more information email: bill@upstatemasterminds.com